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While you might picture a used car as an old pile of junk with busted headlights and worn-out tires, "second-hand vehicles" is another popular term used to refer to used cars. Sure, they might not be completely new; however, that does not in any way suggest used vehicles are un-roadworthy vehicles. Here are some of the benefits of buying used cars at our Montclair Auto Sales dealership.

1. Pricing

Well, it goes without saying that used cars are almost always cheaper than new cars. If you are looking to spend a specific amount of money on a vehicle that would otherwise be way beyond your budget, then opting for a cheaper option such as the second-hand option is the way to go. Used cars can be as low as 50 percent of what the same vehicle goes for when new.

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2. Depreciation Benefits

When buying a new car, the fear of depreciation will always haunt vehicle owners. In fact, research had shown that as soon as you drive out of a dealership, a vehicle will cost 11 percent less than what it cost when it was new. This is, however, not the case for people who are looking to invest in used cars. Buying a used vehicle means that depreciation has already occurred and therefore it’s cheaper than the original price – good news for potential buyers on a tight budget looking to own a vehicle.

3. Manufacturer Warranties

In some cases, used cars come with extended manufacturer warranties, the remaining portion of the original warranty. Extended manufacturer warranties are great because current owners of the used vehicle can enjoy benefits such as regular maintenance and repair services from experienced manufacturer specialists.

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4. Insurance Premiums

Insurance premiums on used vehicles in most cases tend to lean on the lower side. In other words, in the event that you are involved in an accident while driving your used car, you tend to benefit by paying low insurance premiums due to gap insurance – difference between the original price of the car and depreciation value. Since a used car has already depreciated, you will not incur hefty gap insurance costs.

These are some of the benefits of buying used cars in our Montclair Auto Sales dealership. Check out our website for the most amazing deals of used cars in perfect condition and at very competitive prices.

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