The Advantages
Of A Used BMW

Owning a BMW is one of the best automotive experiences you can have.  The German engineering behind the engine, the design and the interior will leave you in awe.  Sometimes a brand new BMW may be out of the question due to pricing, but a pre-owned BMW can save you some money while fulfilling your dream of owning a BMW.  Check out our inventory down below of our used BMWs for sale in Montclair CA.


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The Power of a Pre-Owned BMW
The BMW brand has become one of the most desirable brands in the world. Starting off its journey as an economical vehicle and now known as one of the best high-end luxury vehicles on the market, this is a name that is on everyone's lips when it comes to buying a car. Everyone would love to have a BMW in their garage but being one of the most luxurious cars also means that they can be very expensive. But this does not mean that you can never own one. One of the best ways to cut the cost of owning a BMW is to buy it pre-owned. Some people are wary of buying used cars and may even turn their nose up at the opportunity, however there are definitely some pros to going down this route. Here are the best reasons to buy a pre-owned BMW.
  • Price - This is an obvious advantage when buying a used car. One thing to not with luxury cars like the BMW is that their depreciation rate is very high. After only a few years of being out of the lot, a BMW can have depreciated in value by half. That is a fantastic saving. Obviously the older the car, the more money that you will save, but you only need to wait for about three years for the price to drop to a significant level, and patience is something that your wallet will thank you for.
  • Reliability - Yes, BMW is known for its luxurious interiors, but it is also known for being a very well-built car. BMW's are sturdy, strong, and won't break down on a whim. Provided you do all of your research on the used car before hand, and make sure that you get a mechanic to check out the technical side with you, then you will not be let down by the craftsmanship of this vehicle.
  • Parts - BMW is not an American car which may seem like a con more than a pro. However, the German style of the parts that are made for this car are known for working better than American parts, and though you may need to do some shopping around if a part is needed, you will have to do a lot less replacing of parts than on something like a Chevrolet.
  • Built to last - There is a reason that these cars are so expensive in the first place. BMW's are built to last, meaning that by the time the car gets to you, it may have depreciated in value, but that luxurious leather interior will still be as soft and reliable as the day it was driven off the lot, as will all the features that come with the car. 
BMW has always been an enviable brand, and one that has been out of the reach of the average worker for a few decades. However, buying a used car can lose a lot of the risks when you buy a reliable and powerful car like a BMW.