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Having a bad credit history shouldn't mean that you can't purchase a car again!  We know that some things in life may get in the way and affect your credit in a negative way.  Well we work with lenders that can help you out if you're in a situation where your credit was affected.  Our cars and trucks in Montclair are some of the best cars around the Ontario and Montclair area.






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Why You Can Buy A Car Even With Bad Credit

People want to buy a car, but are constricted by their poor credit record. Usually, bad credit strangles the chance of getting anything, but owners can still get themselves a car. Low credit is considered having a score under 629, which is accumulated based on the history of payments to lenders, any cases of identity theft, or by even a lack of years for credible history. The credit score accumulates the amount of interest that will have to be paid on a car loan, which usually means a high rate. But it does not necessarily mean people will have to pay off their loan for five years because of a bad credit score. People can still buy a car regardless and not be hassled by it.

Anyone who wants to buy a car should look for a lender. Auto loans can be received from several sources including banks, credit unions, the Dealer Financial Services Group (DFSG), and car dealerships. They can help get you a loan, but with high interest rates, who refer to buyers with low scores as subprime buyers because they pose a greater risk than buyers with great credit. Still, even with bad credit, it’s important for people to contact a respectable bank to see what options are available in financing an auto loan instead of just accepting a high interest rate.

For those with bad credit because of a poor payment history, something that makes up more than a third of the total score, it is extremely important to pay bills on time. The score can rise after just a few months, which could be enough of faith to give to potential lenders to lower interest rates. In addition, people are allowed to have a free credit report once every year, which can always improve the rates. If there is anything suspicious, show the credit report to lenders to make sure things are still functioning when working about financing. Some lenders may decide to work with those with a low credit score based on the reasons for that score.

Monthly payments may be lower in five-years against three-years, but the interest rate should still be looked at. Most interest rates are lower for short term loans, meaning that there will be less payment for the car overall. In addition, there will be more years in which there won’t be any additional car payments so other loans can be paid to improve the credit score. In economics, this is essential when it comes to balancing payments for other loans such as the home and other taxes.

Having a bad credit score does not mean the end of the world and that nothing else can be paid off. People can still buy things with the help of lenders like a car. It is more work with the rates, but if the basics of payment are covered, things will get a lot better and the low credit score will raise upwards.