The Best Used Cars Under 15000 Montclair

Best Used Cars under 15000 in Montclair
Used cars are often reliable and quite affordable, too. They’re safer bets than they’ve ever been. If you’re considering buying a car that won’t cripple your wallet then go for the best-used car in the market – and there are many of those in Montclair.
If you’re looking to smartly stretch your coin to buy a used car that will serve your family for months on end, and which will cost you less than $15,000, you’re in the right place. Remember, however, to put premium on user-friendliness, safety and reputation of the car prior to making a purchase. Here’s a choice selection of the best used cars under 15000 Montclair.
2008 Toyota RAV4
Toyota is a power house. The Japanese car maker has made its name by crafting safe and very reliable vehicles since time immemorial. Toyota RAV4 is among the many sterling car models that Toyota manufactured. This 2008 model is a perfect fit for families. It’s mid-sized, has plenty of safety features, and best of all, it’s fuel-efficient. It’s a good value for your money.
The 2008 Toyota RAV4 comes in a 166-horsepower cylinder (or rather, a 269 horsepower V6 engine). Also, it boasts an automatic transmission. But what’s so unique feature this Toyota model is its reliability on the road. It does more than most cars on the road. It’s simply among the best used cars under 15000, Montclair residents would love to have on their parking lot.
2007 Honda Accord
If you’re looking for a used car that can hold up to high mileage, you found it. The 2007 Honda Accord is a piece of work. It’s equally a dependable car on the road much like the RAV4. For a family car, the 2007 Honda Accord is perhaps the best you’ll ever find. It’s easier and cheaper to maintain. You can get it either in a 166 horsepower 4-cyclinder, or 244 horsepower v6 engine.
2010 Ford Fusion
Enter stage left: Ford Fusion (2010 model). This American-made car is also a perfect fit for a family looking to stretch their automotive dollars. Ford manufacturers are synonymous with excellent build quality, respectable warranties and affordable prices. 2010 Ford Fusion is among the best used cars under 15000 Montclair.
While it’s a reliable model, you won’t get much out of it. Like the RAV4 and Honda Accord, the Ford Fusion also comes either in a (205) horsepower V6, or a (160 horsepower) 4-cyclinder engine. The 4-cyclinder engine only employs a manual transmission.
There are many other used cars under $15,000 including 2008 Acura TL, 2008 Honda Ridgeline. If you’re looking for the best used cars under 15000 Montclair, Highline Auto Group can help you find one that aptly fits both your budget and overall needs.